A. T. Welch

Fentiman's drinks
Thorncroft cordials
Belvoir cordials & presses
Cheshire Apple Juice
Walkers nonsuch toffee
Fudges biscuits
Bahlsen biscuits
Farmhouse biscuits
Continental biscuits
Symington's table cream
American Jelly Belly Beans
Stem ginger
Baking products
Ritter chocolate
Whitakers chocolate
Bendick's of Mayfair
Lindt of Switzerland
Duchy Originals
Walkers Shortbread
Langdales Essences
Mrs Bridges
Taylor's mustard
Cheshire honey
Maldon sea salt
Burgess's condiments
Olive oil
Pickled walnuts
Patum pererium
Mornflakes oats
Robert's bread
Maple syrup
Tiptree preserves
Elsenham quality foods
Taylors of Harrogate Tea & Coffee
Jackson's of Piccadily tea
Twinnings tea
John Lusty soups
Baxter's of Speyside
Blue Dragon
Epicure fine foods
Vanilla pods
Cartmel Sticky toffee pudding
Fox's herbs & spices
Chatka crab
Gold dish Ox tongue
Lumpfish caviar