A. T. Welch

Cooked Meats and Delicatessen

Roast beef, pork and ham are home cooked to ensure a fresh quality product at all times. Along with these meats we also serve ox tongue, turkey, corned beef, boiled ham, Bavarian farmers' smoked ham, and Parma ham.

Our selection of salamis includes Danish, garlic, German, pepper, Italian and Kabanos.

Various pates; Brussels, farmhouse, duck and Patchwork Luxury pates of Ruthin are also available along with a selection of quiches. Varieties of Patchwork Pates available are:- Cointreau and orange, brandy and herb, mushroom and garlic, port and hazelnut, stilton and Guinness, duck liver and apricot brandy and smoked salmon mousse.

Pork Sausages

Our famous pork sausages are handmade daily on the premises, using quality British pork, natural sausage skins and our own unique seasoning mix. They contain no preservatives, no colouring and no mixed meats. They are only available at our Nantwich shop and in our coffee shop.

We make cocktail (chipolata) sausages during the Christmas season and to order throughout the year. (please give a day's notice.) If you wish to see our sausages being made, please ask one of our staff to show you.


Bacon and Gammon

We stock Danish plain middle, smoked middle, short back, streaky, dry cured Cheshire plain middle, gammon and our own 'home cured' old-fashoned fat bacon. We will cut fresh for you the bacon of your choice to your required thickness.



We specialise in selling fresh, quality British pork; sold as steak, chops, belly pork, leg joints, fillet, minced and cubed. We also use pork to make our own burgers - pork and apple or pork and cheese.