A. T. Welch


We sell freshly roasted Taylors of Harrogate coffee which can be ground as required.
HIGH MOUNTAIN - A smooth, mild, aromatic blend with a full body and fine flavour.
KENYA AA GOLD - A medium roasted coffee with a distinctive fruity acidity, full body and a sweet winey aftertaste.
WORLD'S BEST - A perfect blend from East Africa and Central and Southern America.
MOCHA - A medium body with a hint of gaminess.
KENYA PEABERRY - A mellow, aromatic blend with pleasant acidity and full bodied.
FRENCH - A slightly darker roast giving a little more body.
ITALIAN - A very strong dark roast, ideal for after dinner.
COSTA RICA - A full bodied flavour with a pleasant aroma.
DECAFFEINATED - Pure water processed to extract the caffeine to give a smooth full flavour.
BRAZILIAN - Smooth, medium bodied with a little bitterness.
BLEND 61 - Full bodied with robust flavour.
COLOMBIAN - A good balance between flavour, richness, acidity and body with a hint of a nutty flavour.
CAFE IMPERIAL - A smooth, full flavour with a fine aroma.