A. T. Welch

In 1966, a small pork butchers shop was purchased by the late Bill Austin and his wife Bronwen from the Welch family under whose name it continues to trade.

Bill gained valuable experience from his farther Frank of Burleydam, who was a cheese factor. At the beginning of his career Bill sold his cheese and dairy products at various markets including Kidderminster, Walsall and Wellington.

Bronwen was the daughter of M. G. Williams, the well-known Holmes Chapel grocer established in 1875. Her three brothers and several cousins have been involved in the grocery trade, working in Middlewich, Chelford, Sandbach and Shropshire. Her extensive knowledge of the grocery trade was a great asset in the development of the business from the original small shop of the 1960's to the quality grocer's and delicatessen, which is A. T. Welch today. In 1967 the shop covered only 240 square feet but now covers 2800 square feet. It is 12ft at the widest point and only 8ft at the narrowest with a total length, including the preparation area, of 145ft.

After many years of collecting and restoring old grocery items from all parts of the country, it was Bill's dream to display them in a reproduction shop for everyone to enjoy.

Over the years the collection grew and many people visited the Yesteryear Shoppe. Some had travelled many miles and it was decided to incorporate a coffee shop to enable customers to browse while enjoying a variety of teas, freshly ground coffee and food.

Today our coffee shop provides delicious light meals, using many of the fine foods available in the main shop, including, of course, our famous homemade sausages.

The business is now run by Bill and Bronwen's two sons, Roger and Stuart, who represent the forth generation of Austins with a reputation for providing high quality fine foods.